Thursday, November 29, 2007

CBC Website - Questions for Minister Jim Prentice

There's a terrific CBC web page for the excellent program "Search Engine" with questions for Minister Prentice about the forthcoming bill - almost 100 at the moment highly articulate, mostly signed and not anonymous probing questions about DRM, levies, fair dealing, parody and all the other things that this bill is likely to either ignore or mess up badly in order to please the U.S. Government and its corporate friends.

The constant theme is the question about how this can possibly benefit Canada and Canadians.

This shows what some of us already know, that there are a lot of articulate and informed people watching this file. It's an emotional file that has lots of zeros attached to it in terms of dollar value. Many billions of dollars in fact. Not to mention cultural sovereignty and consumer rights and choice. A potent combination.

All of this could add up to votes. And lots of them, in the hands of voters who can and will read minutes from committees, blogs and other relevant stuff. And who will find each other and become empowered via the Internet.

This may not be a cakewalk for the Government. And it could have interesting consequences at election time.



  1. "This may not be a cakewalk for the Government."
    I sure hope you're right. I have written to every MP involved, and the opposition critics begging them to try and stop this mess.

    "And it could have interesting consequences at election time."
    It will definitely affect my vote.

  2. Does anyone else see the huge irony in that the photo of Prentice used on Search Engine is from his announcement of the CWS spectrum rules, in which the "Putting Consumers First" banners are visible edverywhere?

  3. Oops, meant AWS spectrum rules and they were "visible everywhere"