Sunday, April 12, 2015

Canada, Fair Dealing, and #FordhamIP 23rd Annual Conference at Cambridge University

I'm very proud of these tweets from the 23rd annual  #FordhamIP conference held this year once again at Cambridge University.

I do my best each year to tell it like it is regarding Canadian copyright law at this the leading international IP conference by far....which it has been for 23 years and going strong....

The news from Canada has not always been good but overall we have much to be proud of. Right now, the USA and the EU would be wise to look very carefully at Canada's statute and jurisprudence on fair dealing. I've done my little bit to contribute to this, along with Ariel Katz - as you can see reflected in the Province of Alberta decision from Canada's Supreme Court

It's surprising that they are so unaware - and sad for them that they do not realize the potential that they could achieve if they simply read our statute and our Supreme Court of Canada cases.

And they should ignore Canadian lobbyists who have tried unconvincingly and without success to discredit these achievements on irrelevant and inapplicable grounds. 

Of course, if Canada is offside internationally, then we would be in very good company with the USA and its Section 107 of the USA Copyright Act, which has never been challenged and almost certainly never will be - and if it is, will almost certainly emerge unscathed. 

This is very important for #TPP and #ISDS.


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