Monday, July 29, 2013

Was the Original Original Cute Cat Video From Thomas Edison in 1894?

This film is the product of Thomas Edison's (yes, that Thomas Edison!) Manufacturing Company. Why did the brilliant men - namely producer, W.K.L. Dickson - who worked for Thomas Edison feel that they needed to use this new technology to show the world "boxing cats" is a question that has boggled the minds of film historians for over 100 years.
In respect of matters catalogical, it is rare, if ever, that I get to scoop, so to speak. the redoubtable IPKat.
The above goes to show that cute cat videos are hardly a recent phenomenon. 

HT to Martin Scorcese, who knows a thing or two about cinema and provided the above link in this article from the current New York Review of Books:The Persisting Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema

HT also to an anonymous scholarly source who reads the New York Review of Books.


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