Monday, January 18, 2010

Hadopi - Strike One

Apparently HADOPI, the "three strikes" anti-infringement creation of French President Sarkozy, whose wife is an entertainer, and the US entertainment industry, has stepped up to the plate with an embarrassing strike one - namely admitted opyright infringement arising out of its launching logo.

Apparently, it was "une erreur de manipulation." French internet users may wish to remember this turn of phrase.

Here's the story in Torrent Freak, with HT to Duncan Bucknell and the IP Kat.


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  1. Probably strike one was the order by the French privacy authority (CNIL) that the state and copyright owners could not use the investigative techniques that the law allowed them, for privacy reasons. Recall that the first version of HADOPI was ruled unconstitutional, and it had to be amended to put the decision on sanctions for 'piracy' in the courts, not the content owners' hands.