Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vox populi on Bill C-61

Maybe we don't need an armada of copyright lawyers to decipher Bill C-61.

Here's a collection of comments from the Toronto Star today.

And here's an editorial from the Victoria Times-Colonist today.

These indicate that folks are seeing through this complex bill pretty quickly and pretty accurately.

It seems that there are very few who believe that this bill is about "balance" or that it was "made in Canada."



  1. Is that what we call a plurality of copyright lawyers - an armada? I would have thought a "Butcher" ( or perhaps a "tort"?


  2. An inquisition of copyright lawyers.

    An enthusiastic mission assiduously asserting the exclusive righteousness of the sacred word of their holy author and his appointed representatives.

  3. I love the editorial cartoon in today's local daily:

    Some other good one's: