Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And the Winner at WIPO is...Francis Gurry

Francis Gurry of Australia is the next DG.

In a surprisingly quick vote, Francis Gurry won by a close 42 to 41 vote margin.

Mr. Gurry is an excellent choice. He has great experience, credentials and expertise across the board in IP, as well as at WIPO and in other fora.

He is widely respected and will be fair and receptive to all interested parties.

He is also an excellent administrator, having created a very well running arbitration centre and domain name dispute resolution (UDRP) facility at WIPO.

Mr. Gurry has the potential to be a great DG at a time when WIPO needs a great DG and the world needs a restored and respected WIPO.

He faced impressive competition. But in the end, the right decision was taken.

Congratulations to Francis Gurry and to WIPO.


PS - I'd like to think that the one of Mr. Gurry's 42 votes was Canada's from the start.

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