Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Folie à deux?

It looks like some folks in Australia is are having similar delusions to those of some Canadians - namely that schools should actually pay a copyright collective for using free stuff on the internet. Thanks, Cory, for noting this and for a trenchant comment on the issue as it stands there and in Canada.

What's next? A law prohibiting the sharing of newspapers - or a tariff on newsprint because - horror of horrors - some people actually do share newspapers or recklessly allow used ones to be read by free loading third parties who have no respect for copyright? Or a tariff or prohibition on the sale of used books and CDs? Don't laugh - the latter has been closer than one might wish to think.

Let us only hope that our friends in Oz did not catch this folly from Canada. As to Canada and the educators' tepid and troublesome response to date, I'll have more to say anon but assuredly not anonymously.


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